May Wrap-up

Usually I don’t have a reading schedule, I read what I feel like. May was no different, I wanted to read more of the Harry Potter books and read something I’ve heard of before. Here’s what I read in May:

Warcross was the first book I read this month, I had heard many good things about so I decided to read it. It surely didn’t disappoint!

I’ve never been a fan of high tech worlds like the society in this book, but when I read Warcross the topic didn’t get boring at all.

Rating: 4,75

The plot in this book was caught my interest very quick. I liked it but it wasn’t really the best Harry Potter book so far, it was just too long and I whished to hear more about Ron. I loved reading about the Weasley twins in this book, though. They were amazing!

Rating: 4,25

I re-read this book this month and it was as good as the first time. I love it so much, I love Po and his questions, Katsa and her stubbornness and how fun this book was to read.

I remember thinking the first time I read this book that there were too many names to remember. In the beginning it got very hard to remember everyone.

Rating: 5

This must be one of the best books I’ve ever read, it never got boring to read or too much. I loved the characters and to follow Bitterblues life almost ten years after her father was killed.

Rating: 5

There were characters in this book that I’ll always love. The book was a great sequel, I got my answers but there were still things that she left. I liked it very much even though everything happened very fast, it was intense.

Rating: 4,25

Re-read this one too (May was a month of re-reading, I’d say) since I totally fell in love with it last year when I first read it. The whole world, the language, the plot and how things were described.

This book hasn’t been translated to English (yet?) but I really hope it’ll be very soon.

Rating: 5

As you can see, I read a lot of fantasy this month. I’m planning June (and the rest of the summer) to be filled with series and books from authors I’ve never read anything by.

Click here to go to the book reviews of these books.


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