The Harry Potter series

Yesterday I finished this series. And firstly I’ll tell you a little fact: I started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone years ago, yes, but I gave up because reading in English was yet too hard. But now, in April, I finally gave it a second try, but I never intended to read the whole book. My goal was just to test if I could read in English, there was this other book I wanted in either English or Swedish. But once I had started reading, I was forever lost. No way I’d stop once started, there isn’t a dull page in any of those seven books! Never have I read something on this level!

Doesn’t everyone wish to go to Hogwarts after meeting Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione and Ron?

Imagine looking into the Mirror of Erised, seeing… What? Imagine feeling the wind through your hair when you’re flying on a broomstick. Imagine waving the wand you bought at Ollivander’s and say a spell. Imagine putting on the Sorting Hat at your first day at Hogwarts, hearing it talk inside your head and discuss all your talents with itself before calling out a House. Just take a moment and feel it. Do you feel it; the little spark? That’s the thing about opening your heart: once something has gotten in there and found it’s place, you’re forever bound to it. I let these books in and they’re never going to leave me. And whenever I feel lonely or lost I’ll search in my heart and find a smiling Dumbledore telling me to remember what has kept me going, I’ll find Harry and his scar will remind me of how he fought – and won – against all odds, I’ll find Hermione telling me to go to the library because if the answer can’t be found there then she’ll look it up herself, and I’ll find Ron saying, with a grin, I have to turn on the light.

I don’t know what you think but I’m glad I read these books. Blimey, there are so many things to learn from them. Bravery. Hope. Wisedom. See the light. Be the light. If you can’t, then let Dumbledore’s Army light the world up for you and remember their courage at the darkest of times.

Remember Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin; where it all started.

4 reaktioner på ”The Harry Potter series

  1. Rishika 29 juli, 2020 / 18:51

    BLOODY HELL, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! You aren’t just a writer, you’re an artist! 😉😊 I loved everything you said and I agree wholeheartedly! Hogwarts is our home away from home, and we can always pick up one of the books, travel aboard the Hogwarts Express, and experience this magical journey all over again! I’m so happy that you read this series and that you loved it! Potterheads for life!


    • Echo 1 augusti, 2020 / 19:45

      Thank you very much for saying so! I just wrote exactly what I felt; which was many things… Hogwarts is our second home. (:

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