Q: What is an animal?

What changed me? It wasn’t a movie, something on Youtube or a book in particular that changed my entire view on the world – it was one single thought that led to many others. The thought just hit me, I don’t remember when exactly, probably while talking to my father. So, what was this life changing thought then?

I am just human; an animal.

That’s right, animal. What is the definition of ‘animal’ really? What I’m about to say is my view on this topic, it’s what I think and how I react to this. It’s not the ‘only right opinion’, it’s just a daydreamers thought.

Animal = living creature that isn’t a plant.

So, I know many people think humans are more valuable than (other) animals. I know that, I’ve been there, done that. But then I started questioning it, why are they animals and I’m not? What’s the difference between us? Is it because humans have a more complex language, that we can combine things (like rock with stick + wire = weapon) or because we’re so many? Well, there are more ants than humans so probably not that. But, still, why aren’t we animals?

How did this change our value so much? I get it, we can do things other species can’t but aren’t all humans worth the same even if everyone can’t do everything that others can? We’d never say that, so why do we think so about other animals?

Why is my life worth more than a pigs? Than hundreds of pigs?

Animals can be very different, some are large, others are small, some eat other animals, other eat plants. Why don’t we fit in in any of these categories?

While walking yesterday I found a stone on the ground, I picked it up and started playing with it. Several times it fell down on the ground again. That’s when I thought about this topic again. We like to think that we’re gods or something, but we’re not and I’m happy that isn’t the case. Being supposed to rule the entire world? Seeing everything as yours? I’m glad I’m not a god. I’m glad because I can’t throw that stone up and down without sometimes failing.

We’re not the only ones on this planet. We have to see and remember that.

I left many questions unanswered here for you to think on your own, what your thoughts and opinions on this are.

Plant-based? But how?

After watching vegan documentaries, visiting websites that write about climate change and when you’re starting to see the other side of it, it’s natural to panic a little. Believe me, I’ve been there. I don’t remember exactly when I started to feel guilty after eating meat and questioning my choices, I don’t remember what made me do that either. But I do know after that feeling started growing inside me, there was no going back.

I think that’s what frightens people; being trapped. You want to do something because your heart tells you what’s happening is wrong, but what? What can I, as only one person, do to change? Here are some advice for changing the diet:

  • Try plant-based a couple of times a week, cook your own food and try different kinds of plant-based.
  • Try plant-based with someone, like a parent, sibling or a friend. It can be really helpful.
  • Don’t rush! Let your decisions take time and think them through. I’m not saying you should try to find reasons to keep up the meat eating, I’m saying that if being vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian is going to work then you need to make a plan. There are many websites that can help you plan your diet (just google ‘plant-based diet meal plan’).
  • Information! Google nutrients that are in meat (or whatever you want to replace) and find new sources in plant-based food. Google recipes to cook, find something that sounds delicious and try it out.
  • Take it easy on yourself! Going vegan/vegetarian overnight is hard, let it take time and don’t hate yourself for accidentaly eating animal products. It happens to everyone sometimes, for some more than others.
  • Find a motivation! Going plant-based is getting easier but it’s still a process. Let animal rights, the environment or your health be your light when it gets hard. What will keep you going? Find it!
  • Explore the community! There are so many vegans and vegetarians in the world who shares their stories and how they live their lives on social media. It’s a great source of inspiration!

If being vegan or vegetarian isn’t possible for you at the moment or the step simply feels too big, then my tip for is to try Meatless Monday, take a plant-based burger instead or use plant milk when cooking. It’s a good start and when you go slow the steps won’t feel too big.

Everyone can do something.

Eat animals?

Why do vegetarians and vegans think it’s wrong to eat animals? To hurt animals? Doesn’t sound very good when you say it, does it? ”Killing living beings for food because they taste good.” No, is it really an acceptable excuse for human behavior? We can no longer say we eat cows, birds, pigs etc. because we need to in order to survive, it was the truth – years ago. Today we have new options: we have alternatives that ensures our survival without having to kill other living beings. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But. There is one problem here, isn’t it? Maybe you think it’s the vegetarian/vegan food but no, it’s not. The problem isn’t that meat is sold on the supermarket or that ”we’re simply not built to eat that kind of diet”.

The problem is our thinking.

It’s how very fast we reject an idea, it’s that we don’t want to change. To change means change; our point of view and ourselves. It frightens us because the way the humans species need to change is our whole living – how we live.

Eating animals was the only way years ago, we needed the protein and the energy, but is this still our situation? Today we have plant based food with protein, we say ”I love animals!” buuuut really? Eating meat today is nothing but an excuse to not have to change. Eating meat means eating dead animals, animals! How can someone say they love something and the next second hurt it? That was a life I lived before too, my parents – just like most people – eat meat, we went to the zoo and I loved animals. Then I saw something. I saw the most horrible thing someone can see, something that has scared humans from the very beginning. I saw the truth.

Are you ready to see it? To open your eyes to the real world? Are you ready to change? Would you do what it takes if your heart tells you it’s right?

Check out these sites:

Or find them on Instagram – PETA, Greenpeace and WWF.


Klimatkrisen är just det – en kris. Det fanns de som nekade faktumet (bevisad fakta) att vi människor påverkar planeten på ett sätt som inte kommer att hålla i längden. Vi släpper ut mer koldioxid än naturen kan ta upp, skövlar fler träd än vad som är hållbart, slänger skräp efter oss när soptunnan står några meter bort, dumpar skräp i havet; låter det sjunka för att sedan inte längre synas. Nu när sopsäcken inte längre är inom synhåll är problemet inte längre mitt, bördan kan jag nu enkelt plocka från mina axlar och låta kastas över bord tillsammans med skräpet.

Vi kan inte fortsätta såhär; naturen protesterar, alla arter protesterar och ändå finns det de som vänder huvudet bort för att istället se mot fabrikerna som massproducerar kläder som ska bäras vid några få tillfällen och skyskraporna som blir högre och högre. Detta fungerar inte.

Att neka klimatkrisen kanske kändes som en lösning förut, men det var det inte. Ett problem löser sig inte själv, då vore det inget problem. En kris liknar ett problem; det löser sig inte själv. Skillnaden är att krisen inte kan skjutas upp till morgondagen. Den måste behandlas omedelbart.

Det räcker inte längre att göra allt vi kan. Vi måste nu göra det omöjliga.

Ur Greta Thunbergs tal i Sommarpratarna

Kanske låter det deppigt, det kan kännas så. Men nu måste man väga för- och nackdelar. Vad är värt att göra det omöjliga för? Om inte din egen framtid känns som en anledning gör det då för alla andras framtid, för barnet som ännu inte är fött, för skolbarnen som gungar i lekparken och fnissar om vad de vill jobba med som vuxna. Hur de vill gifta sig, hur de vill bo och leva. Gör det för alla andra, för naturen och de arter som inte kan stå upp för sig själva.

Jag är vegetarian sedan ett år tillbaka. Att äta mindre kött, cykla eller åka kollektivt dit man ska, tvätta i lägre temperatur och köpa mer second-hand är en utmärkt start. Någonstans måste man börja på vägen mot en lösning. Tveka aldrig med att prova, vara annorlunda eller ge saker en chans.

Att se problem, att förstå det, är det första steget mot ett sätt att bekämpa det. Än finns det många som vet att klimatkrisen är ett faktum men inte vågar se det i ögonen och visa att man kan göra skillnad. Fler och fler vaknar upp ur dvalan och vill göra något. Var en av dem, känn inspirationen till att plocka skräp eller klimatstrejka. Kanske vill man inte göra något stort som att strejka utan börjar mindre. Jag är själv en av de som börjar mindre. Mitt mål är att vara med och strejka eller övertyga andra att ta krisen i egna händer. Sätt upp ett mål och jobba mot det.

Våga vara modig.