Eat animals?

Why do vegetarians and vegans think it’s wrong to eat animals? To hurt animals? Doesn’t sound very good when you say it, does it? ”Killing living beings for food because they taste good.” No, is it really an acceptable excuse for human behavior? We can no longer say we eat cows, birds, pigs etc. because we need to in order to survive, it was the truth – years ago. Today we have new options: we have alternatives that ensures our survival without having to kill other living beings. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But. There is one problem here, isn’t it? Maybe you think it’s the vegetarian/vegan food but no, it’s not. The problem isn’t that meat is sold on the supermarket or that ”we’re simply not built to eat that kind of diet”.

The problem is our thinking.

It’s how very fast we reject an idea, it’s that we don’t want to change. To change means change; our point of view and ourselves. It frightens us because the way the humans species need to change is our whole living – how we live.

Eating animals was the only way years ago, we needed the protein and the energy, but is this still our situation? Today we have plant based food with protein, we say ”I love animals!” buuuut really? Eating meat today is nothing but an excuse to not have to change. Eating meat means eating dead animals, animals! How can someone say they love something and the next second hurt it? That was a life I lived before too, my parents – just like most people – eat meat, we went to the zoo and I loved animals. Then I saw something. I saw the most horrible thing someone can see, something that has scared humans from the very beginning. I saw the truth.

Are you ready to see it? To open your eyes to the real world? Are you ready to change? Would you do what it takes if your heart tells you it’s right?

Check out these sites:

Or find them on Instagram – PETA, Greenpeace and WWF.